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Coolest  Flash Games to Play - Play Free Online Games - Cool Games
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2D Knock Out 2D Knock Out
Control the mouse to punch your enemy.
(Played: 4,077 times)
3 Foot Ninja II 3 Foot Ninja II
Sequel to a great fighting game with ...
(Played: 3,512 times)
3D Space Skimmer 3D Space Skimmer
Fly around space
(Played: 2,871 times)
3D Worm 3D Worm
The classic Snake game in 3D
(Played: 3,209 times)
60 seconds 60 seconds
Steal 10 cars in 60 seconds just like...
(Played: 3,230 times)
Adventures of a Cow Adventures of a Cow
Cow's friend is capture in a cage and...
(Played: 3,192 times)
Agent K Agent K
Passed all 3 training mission and bec...
(Played: 3,107 times)
Air Dodge Air Dodge
Navigate your plane and avoid any obs...
(Played: 2,936 times)
Alien Attacks Alien Attacks
The aliens are invading your tiny lit...
(Played: 3,290 times)
Alien Cave Alien Cave
try to naigate your ship for as long ...
(Played: 2,554 times)
Alien Showdown Alien Showdown
Destroy the alien race by shooting th...
(Played: 2,736 times)
Alpha Bravo Charlie Alpha Bravo Charlie
Complete the missions in your trusted...
(Played: 3,225 times)
Alpine Escape Alpine Escape
Catch the falling maidens, shoot the ...
(Played: 3,538 times)
Anti Terrorist Department Anti Terrorist Department
Fight terrorists In this unique side ...
(Played: 2,918 times)
Aqua Field Aqua Field
Guide the fish to their food and avoi...
(Played: 2,802 times)
Arm Wrestle My Ego Arm Wrestle My Ego
Play arm wrestling against a video-re...
(Played: 3,263 times)
Army Swat Army Swat
Shoot the terrorist as a SWAT member....
(Played: 2,878 times)
Ballistic Biscuit Ballistic Biscuit
Ride in tube and avoid obstacles
(Played: 2,881 times)
Balloon Slinger Balloon Slinger
Throw water balloon at the pedestrian...
(Played: 3,251 times)
Balls And Walls Balls And Walls
Throw fireball at your opponents
(Played: 2,675 times)
Batman Batman
Batman is in pursuit of the mysteriou...
(Played: 3,490 times)
Battleships Battleships
Flash version of the board game. Your...
(Played: 3,052 times)
Be The Slayer Be The Slayer
Click on the vampires to slay them
(Played: 3,211 times)
Bomber Bob Game Bomber Bob Game
Bomber Bob Game online. You have to p...
(Played: 2,803 times)
Brave Sword Brave Sword
Medieval style fighting game
(Played: 3,105 times)
Breaking Point Breaking Point
Breaking Point Game. Your main object...
(Played: 2,565 times)
Bubble Trouble Bubble Trouble
You have limited time to shoot all th...
(Played: 2,721 times)
Bug on a Wire Bug on a Wire
Stay on the wire and don?t get eaten ...
(Played: 2,975 times)
Bush vs Kerry Bush vs Kerry
Pit the presidency candidate in this ...
(Played: 3,535 times)
Bushido Fighters Bushido Fighters
Play in the Training Session and when...
(Played: 2,744 times)
Canyon Glider Canyon Glider
Collect points by going through each ...
(Played: 2,716 times)
Castle Cat Castle Cat
Guide your cat through the castle adv...
(Played: 10,769 times)
Castle Cat 2 Castle Cat 2
Play a cute cat that throw mace and f...
(Played: 3,019 times)
Castlevana Castlevana
Walk around aimlessly through a demon...
(Played: 3,209 times)
Castlevania Castlevania
Whip the zombies, bats, vampires, and...
(Played: 2,820 times)
Celebrity Fight Club Celebrity Fight Club
Play as one of the celebrity in this ...
(Played: 2,813 times)
Championship Cock Fighters Championship Cock Fighters
Cock fighting! Control and beat the o...
(Played: 2,790 times)
Cheese Hunt Cheese Hunt
Collect cheese in this platform game
(Played: 2,655 times)
Clash and Slash v2 Clash and Slash v2
You are in your spacecraft protecting...
(Played: 2,332 times)
Commando Arena Commando Arena
Pilot the mech in this top view mech ...
(Played: 2,884 times)
Cow Fighter Cow Fighter
Boxing game using Cows fighters
(Played: 2,541 times)
Play as SWAT you have to kill the ter...
(Played: 2,769 times)
Dark Waters The Fight Dark Waters The Fight
Kill your enemy as fast as possile to...
(Played: 2,364 times)
Demonic Defence 4 Demonic Defence 4
Build your castle, upgrade defense, u...
(Played: 2,559 times)
Doc Ock Rampage Doc Ock Rampage
Destroy everything in sight. Show no ...
(Played: 2,860 times)
Doomed Doomed
This is an action game view from the ...
(Played: 2,921 times)
Dragonball Z Dragonball Z
2-Player fighting game with character...
(Played: 3,380 times)
Fighting School Fighting School
Choose to play Fano or Mao in this st...
(Played: 2,716 times)
Fisher Fisher
Test your fishing skill with this Fla...
(Played: 2,688 times)
Flash Life Buoys Flash Life Buoys
Save as many people as you can from t...
(Played: 2,672 times)
Fly Plane Fly Plane
Fly your plane while collecting the r...
(Played: 3,016 times)
Friday the 24th Friday the 24th
Attack elves and Santa Claus in Xmas ...
(Played: 2,603 times)
Gangsta Gangsta
As a gang member your objective is to...
(Played: 4,405 times)
Go Santa Go Santa
Santa have to ski as fast as he can t...
(Played: 2,554 times)
Grave Yard Grave Yard
Control your skeleton character to fi...
(Played: 2,567 times)
Graveyard of Drunken Souls Graveyard of Drunken Souls
You get to choose one of the funny ha...
(Played: 2,407 times)
Gravity Gravity
A vairation of classic Moon-Lander ga...
(Played: 2,678 times)
Hammered Hammered
Hit the nail as close to the center a...
(Played: 3,123 times)
Hostile Skies Hostile Skies
Challenge the best pilot over a serie...
(Played: 2,790 times)
Hover Havoc Hover Havoc
This game is just like bumper car
(Played: 2,807 times)
Hungry Bob Hungry Bob
Make Bob jump only on the food he like
(Played: 2,983 times)
Indiana Jones Indiana Jones
Play as Indiana Jones and try to find...
(Played: 2,910 times)
Insanity Insanity
This is an animation on the clay man ...
(Played: 2,809 times)
James Bomb 2 James Bomb 2
Help James Bomb to destroy all the mo...
(Played: 2,780 times)
Jungle Escape Jungle Escape
Escape from the Jungle
(Played: 2,534 times)
Kaboom Kaboom
This is a very simple yet addictive g...
(Played: 3,054 times)
Kill the Boss Kill the Boss
This is a simple stick-man fighting g...
(Played: 3,106 times)
King of Fighters King of Fighters
KOF is a popular fighting game
(Played: 2,949 times)
King of the Hill King of the Hill
In King of the Hill, you have to prot...
(Played: 2,896 times)
Knight Rider Knight Rider
Fast Highway Pursuit with K.I.T.T and...
(Played: 4,075 times)
Kumite Kumite
1-Player fighting game
(Played: 2,860 times)
KungFu Special Trainer KungFu Special Trainer
Kung Fu training using melons
(Played: 2,589 times)
Life Buoys Life Buoys
The ship is on fire - it is upto your...
(Played: 2,525 times)
Little Shepherd Little Shepherd
As shepherd, you duty is obvious: gui...
(Played: 2,425 times)
Los Simpsons Los Simpsons
Hit anyone that comes into the screen...
(Played: 3,058 times)
Lucky Balls Lucky Balls
Strategically shoot and place the bal...
(Played: 2,619 times)
Lunatic Lunatic
Avoid the little green balls that com...
(Played: 2,695 times)
Maple Story Maple Story
Battle monster and perform quest. Thi...
(Played: 2,727 times)
Mario's Time Attack Mario's Time Attack
Help Mario to send water to princess ...
(Played: 2,604 times)
Mega Man RPG Mega Man RPG
RPG games based on the Megaman charac...
(Played: 2,910 times)
Metroid Genesis Metroid Genesis
Use the password "hunted" to start th...
(Played: 3,156 times)
Midnight Strike Midnight Strike
Street fighting game - infiltrate evi...
(Played: 2,686 times)
Monkey Lander Monkey Lander
Play as the Monkey and collect tasty ...
(Played: 2,629 times)
Muay Thai Muay Thai
A fighting game like "Street Fighter"...
(Played: 3,039 times)
Multiplication Station Multiplication Station
Don?t play this game if you hate math...
(Played: 2,388 times)
Naval Battle Naval Battle
Watch the wind, and fire your boats c...
(Played: 11,748 times)
Ninja Power Ninja Power
Use your Ninja power to attack the de...
(Played: 2,740 times)
Overrun Overrun
Orcs are attacking, don?t let them ov...
(Played: 2,815 times)
Panik Panik
This is a fast paced action game wher...
(Played: 2,881 times)
Pencak Silay Pencak Silay
A 2-Player fighting game with story m...
(Played: 2,544 times)
Penguinoids Penguinoids
A unique recreation of the Arkanoid g...
(Played: 2,685 times)
Power Fox Power Fox
A unique 2 player fighting games with...
(Played: 2,977 times)
Pumpkins Ballade Pumpkins Ballade
Fly a broom as a witch in this hallow...
(Played: 2,824 times)
Quick Draw Quick Draw
Shoot buster before he shoots you
(Played: 2,690 times)
Quick Rotation Quick Rotation
Finish the code by rotating the screen
(Played: 2,738 times)
Red Beard Red Beard
Play as RedBeard in this platform game
(Played: 2,863 times)
Reventure Reventure
This is a side scrolling game where y...
(Played: 2,848 times)
Roadies Roadies
Get the roadies to the gig on time, a...
(Played: 2,675 times)
Rocket Bob Rocket Bob
Help Bob to jump from one platform to...
(Played: 2,440 times)
Sagway Sagway
Rides on the mono-cycle and punch all...
(Played: 2,516 times)
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